Mi Silence, My Voice “ 

- a performance searching for the unarticulated, the unsaid, the muted,

the shameful, the ugly, the guilty, the hidden voices and stories and memories.

How to balance between letting things behind in order to live more freely now

and being true to the feeling that you must go back to find what was neglected –

by others and yourself – in order to own your own story. And do we exactly own our own story ?

Maybe all stories are connected in a huge pattern..

The performer explores her own story and voice as an artist and as a woman

with a human story of exclusion, loss, insistence and hope.

Katrine: ” For me, this performance, is the story about sticking your hands

into that dirty muddy stinking dark water and searching for what has been lost.

Dragging it out of the water and refinding it again. ”


Idea, text, soundscapes and performance: Katrine Faber.

Duration: 60 min.

For youngsters and adults.

Touring in Danish, English and Spanish.