Maruska Ronchi ( Italy) - (Go to the performance)

Dancer, choreographer and performer Maruska Ronchi graduated in Contemporary Dance at CIMD

(International Center of Movement and Dance) directed byFranca Ferrari.

She studed Contemporary Dance, Dance-Theatre and Research with Dominique Dupuy, Hervé Diasnas,


Erion Kruja and Merel Lammers (HOFESH SHECHTER COMPANY), Frey Faust, Ariella Vidach, Rosita Mariani,

Pierre Doussaint, Pippo Delbono, Marigia Maggipinto (FOLKWANG HOCHSCULE, PINA BAUSCH), Benoit Lachambre.

She met butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi who became her master.

She felt in love with butoh and she continued researching, developing

and deepening into butoh dance meeting also other dancers, teachers and choreographer as Yumiko Yoshioka,

Carlotta Ikeda, Natsu Nakajima, Imre Thormann, Masaki Iwana, Minako Seki, Semimaru (Sankai Yuku),

Yukio Mikami (Torifune Butoh Sha), Ima Tenko, Seisaku, Tadashi Endo, Kea Tonetti, Joan Laage, Lobsang, Rizome Lee.

She is also a video-maker and citizen journalist. She realized the NEXT GENERATION format for Studio28 Web TV about youth policy in Milan.

She learned the video language thanks to her discovery of the Physical Cinema of Lutz Gregor,

as well her meeting with the dancer and video-maker Simona Da Pozzo.

Her first video “La Panchina” (“The Bench”) won the European prize “Share it 2013” (ShareCulture project).

In 2014 she founded the collective Collettivo K with the dancer Elisa Sbaragli and the video- maker Elena Bennati.

They started SETTE a multimedia project about fairy tales. They started this project in Malta within a European project.

Afterwards she started to develop a new project about “how the art can change our minds, our thought and make changes in society”.

The first part has been shot in Berlin which has given birth to a video-dance documentary called “Dance With Me in Berlin”.

Artistic statement:

"I like to think about the creative process as an alchemical process of dissolution and concretion,

and reiteration of the work on the body’s matter. As a process of transmutation.

In my dance I like to explore different path. Like in alchemical process,

I'm particulary attracted by the conjunction of opposites, sulfur and mercury, Sun and Moon, light and shadow,

life and death, Apollo and Dionisus, order and caos, active and passive.

I'm interested in relations in general: of the body with the space, of bodies with other bodies,

of body with mind and spiritual, visible and unvisible world.

I like to explore how the movement creates the images

and how images create movement, in a double and mutual interconnection.

I’m now in deep research into Butoh dance. After practicing and creating long time more in occidental Contemporary Dance and Theatre,

I’m now discovery a new approach to dance, more ritual and spiritual way.

I’m now in the process how to combine all my experiences,

like different entrance into a “dance state”, where the dancer makes visible the bonds between things

and and the deep unity of the cosmos where everything works in harmony.

I’m now interested in meetings and sharing practice with other artists to make and developping original way for new creations."