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indicates the multi vocal voice-expression of the Norwegian singer Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer.

Inspired by ethnic sounds, Norwegian folk music, classical vocal tradition and extended voice techniques from the avant-garde tradition,

Meyer has developed a non-verbal vocal expression within a voice range of more than 6 octaves. 

In her Project, she often interacts with instrumentalists and vocalists of different expressions 

from different musical origins in concerts and scenic performances, films and sound installations throughout the world.

Through these multi-expressive vocal sounds she creates soundscapes between the realistic/unrealistic and the expected/unexpected,

letting the sound itself be the storyteller.

She mostly writes her own music, but several composers have written for her.

Among them could be mentioned Synne Skouen, Marcus Paus, Henrik Helstenius , Magnar Åm and Grzech Piotrowski.

Her latest CD production in October 2018 was together with the famous Norwegian organ player and composer Nils Henrik Asheim

where they on the basis of sacral tunes from different origins, are here searching for a related sonic world between organ and voice,

where the organ sound goes in dialogue with throat sounds from the voice:  


In 2018 she also released the CD KLANGBIOTOPER - Ozella Music Germany.

Together with the jazz musicians Grzech Piotrowski - saxophones/PL, Lars Andreas Haug- tuba/NO and Terje Isungset – percussion/NO

she has made a music ecological sonic project based on landscapes, biotypes and species in the nature.

As a solo performer she often relates to the environment of the performance.

It might be specific locations in the nature, special rooms or architectonic conditions, visual art.


Ruth Wilhelmine teaches voice at the Norwegian Theatre Academy and gives lectures and voice seminars all over the world.

Video from a concert on Jazzahead in Bremen april 2018 together with World Orchestra: