I, Katrine Faber participated in 2021 in the exhibition Women In Power as  video artist, voice artist and composer.

Women in Power was curated by Noelia Mora Solvez and she invited me to be an essential part of the work.

In the whole month of July 2021 I and Noelia were artists in residence at ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus.

In this period we invited and worked with 61 women and non binary persons;

asking them about their relationship to power.

We interviewed the women and filmed them while talking and explaining about their relationship to power.

I - who as an artist have worked many years exploring the human voice - also got the idea to 

ask the women and non binary persons to express their experience of power through their voices without words.

It was an extremely strong and inspiring experience to meet all these very different women and non binary persons

and hear their thoughts and voice sounds related to the theme of power.

The participants were in the age between 8 and 92 years old and they all gave their voices in a very honest way.

I worked with every woman before we did the filming; trying to do my best to help the woman relax in the body 

and with her voice, so she/they could feel as free and unlimited as possible to express themselves.

As a voice artist and psychotherapist specialized in voice and body, I have worked with thousands of persons

through the years and I love to hear the unic sound and quality of each voice.

The filming of all the women`s sounds of power resulted in the huge three - part  video work called KOR/CHOIR.

The exhibition Women In Power found place from the 24 of September to the 10 of October 2021

at KØN- Gender Museum in Denmark.

I also created the sound installation " We are by your side in this passage"

and the the video and sound works " A Voice of Ones Own" and "Let Us Jump" to the exhibition.

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje, ARoS Public,

The GENDERhouse Festival and KØN - Gender Museum Denmark.

KOR and my other works from Women Power are still available for exhibition.

For more information: teaterviva@gmail.com