Tales From The Trash. - (About the artists).

A performance about Endings, Crises and new Beginnings”  by Teater Viva, Denmark.

Idea, concept, soundscapes and performance: Katrine Faber
Consultant director: Rolf Heim.
Video: Leung Ka-lun and Katrine Faber.

A woman appears from the plastic trash. 
Is she a wise prophetess,

a refugee from western civilisation or a mad woman ?

The Past, the Present and the Future speaks to us through her.

The performance is developed in the meeting with people, places, stories, songs, landscapes,

animals and sounds from the North mixed with inspiration from the very old Nordic poem Völuspá

and current global themes in contemporary civilization about crises, clima changes, future

and resonanses or dissonanses between all us living creatures on Earth.

With references to the Angakok – the shaman in Inuit culture and the woman figure Völva in Nordic culture,

the performance makes the times meet and the song connect the worlds.

Texts: Katrine Faber, Völuspá from The Icelandic Eddas, Raven Story from Inuit Tradition, Universal Fish Story,

Mary Oliver, The Holy Bible,  and voices from the Modern Civilization

and from other cultures of humans, animals, plants and the Earth.

Tales From The Trash is created at long stays en remote places in Greenland and North Iceland in the winter 16/17.

Tales from The Trash is performance montage weawing past, present and future

together in a innovative, wild and surprising creation.

60 min duration. For people from 15 years.