BUDDHA BABIES - Performance storytelling by XANTHE Gresham.

Mixing up myth, ritual, grown-up fairytale, a touch of the down-right-rude,

and lots of mythic baby making, Xanthe Gresham deals with the biggies: life, death...

and a touch of cookery ! 

In these times of uncertainty and political upheaval, it’s a relief to have a recipe for Tantric re-birth. 

Take 1lb of unconventional birth stories from anywhere (China, India, Greece – whatever is fresh and available);

marinate with sprinklings of Taoism, Confucianism, Shamanic, Platonic and Vedic philosophy; add zest & a pinch of salt.

Mix it up. Serve it out.

The resulting baby shower of stories will bring joy in life and hope in death, and it may just blow your mind.


'A truly great storyteller' British Theatre Review

Directed by Kathy Hammad.

‘Buddha Babies...is a complex and hilarious exploration of what it means to be ‘childless’...

Gresham navigates the politically charged conversations around womanhood:

of wanting children, or not wanting them, of being unable to have them, of menopause,

of the reclaiming of the C word, of the unimportance of defining gender.

She does it all with a vivacity and energy that makes the time seem to pass in the blink of an eye…..

I really could watch Xanthe Gresham Knight speak from now on and for the rest of time:’ 

Bryony Taylor for Everything Theatre


Trailer video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6XhC6CaBZI&t=2s

Performance length – 1 hour

Involves cooking – ie mixing raw ingredients including nuts.