"I am in the dark, until the moon will shine and the night is white."

Actor: Ana Woolf
Lights design: Fausto Pro - Text: Ana Woolf, extracts from a story by Clarisse Lispector and poems by Alda Merini and Hilda Hilst –

Music: Villalobos, Marianne Suner, Eléonore Bovon
Dramaturgy and director: Julia Varley
Duration: 60 min. - Performed in Spanish and English

“I cannot speak. I don't find the words. They say that the problem is in the amygdala, that the amygdala are closed from fear.

But I don't know. My body is hurting me; my soul is hurting me.

It is as if the water inside an immense globe pushes the walls, threatens to explode but never does.

So I stay here, immobile, silent, deafened; suffocated by the saliva of my own words,

which do not dare to leave my mouth. Stunned by the noise of my own silence. They say I have little birds in my mind.”

White Is the Night is built around a story by Clarisse Lispector and poems by Alda Merini.

The Italian poet Alda Merini spent many years in a psychiatric hospital and she managed to survive thanks of her writing.

In the performance we hear her recorded voice reading a poem.

On a night of full moon a woman experiences a revelation of love. Was it a lie?

Or was it a painful childhood memory disguised in the only possible way to continue living?

Her story cannot be shared because nobody will believe her fiction or her truth. Her words remain locked up.

When something hurts so much we cannot speak about it, we desperately search for an escape.

To set the ‘birds’ captured in our heads free, some people write poems, others attempt suicide, and others, create theatre performances.

Produced by: NTL (Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium), Holstebro, Denmark Magdalena 2da Generación

(Red Latinoamericana de Mujeres en el arte contemporáneo),  Argentina.