Noelia Mora Solvez:  Video installation Sheep.

Sheep is a new work made for the festival and part of the works Farming.

Sheep is a 2 screen video installation, challenging the idea of patriarchy.

Farming is a colourful, bizarre and energetic exhibition  presenting video installation, sound and performance.

This show creates a humoristic  zoomorphic world in its quest to define the human animal.

Each work is based on animals that one sees in farms.

The work as a whole, it's a reflection on the social roles we all adopt, in relation to society.

Farming consist of 5 video installations (Birds, Fish, Cows on a Field, Worm and 19 chickens),

Sheep and a live performance (Cows on Grass).

Faber og Pedersen: Apartment for Chronic Uneasy Women.

A cross art installation with video, sculpture, sound and photo.


Juliana Spinola: Interaktiv performanceinstallation The Thousand

- A tribute to the transience of the human being

Tsuru: traditional Japanese origami that symbolizes health, good luck, happiness, longevity and fortune.

This interactive installation is an invitation to a poetic action.

The goal is to multiply, involve and generate a network of people,

who want to be an active part of this path, offering this collective wish to a sick society.

A tribute for those who will come after us, those who walk side by side

and those who maybe had to go through the path alone, paraphrasing Jorge Larrosa.

The idea is to share an objective through an action and a wish - a tsuru is a wish and we’ll construct it together.

The wish to find our absence, the hope to act together, to maintain the tsurus alive so they can find their freedom.

How art can resonate into social field? How to cross the borders between art and reality to create a new world?

How to use metaphor to generate consciousness and empower ourselves to act together?

To share being and celebrate being able to be.

See more about it: http://www.guerraflores.com/losmiles/